In 2015 we added fine wool and handspinning fleece sheep to Mayberry Farm.  Our motto of ‘Fineness in the Field...The Finest in Fleece’ extends to these wonderfully wooly creatures.  We carefully selected three breeds on which to focus.  Bluefaced Leicesters were chosen for their wonderful longish locks that can be mill processed or spun from the locks. BFL ewes have a reputation as wonderful mothers in addition to their incredible fleece. BFLs are a British breed of sheep. Romeldale/CVMs were selected for their fine and often colorful fleeces.  CVMs were developed in the United States to emphasize their stunningly colorful fleeces.  CVM stands for California Verigated Mutant.  These color patterned sheep showed up originally as a ‘mutant’ strain of the Romeldale sheep which are normally solid colored. Bond...or Austrailian Bond Sheep are quite rare in the United States.  Joanna and Keith Gleason of Gleason’s Fine Woolies imported two rams and two ewes into the US to establish the original Bonds in the US as well as this country’s Bond Registry.  Our Bonds came fromt the GFW flock.
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